Washington DC Initiative

Classroom Component

Spring 2017

Adjunct Professor David J. Gottlieb

Tentative Syllabus


With the exception of our first class on Sunday January 8, and any field trips that we are able to arrange, classes will be held on Tuesdays during the semester at 5:00 pm.  Classes will be held at the offices of the Alliance for Justice, 11 DuPont Circle, Suite 200.

Our text for the class is Learning From Practice, Edited by Wortham, Scherr, Maurer and Brooks (Third Edition, West Academic Publishing, 2016).  The book can be purchased in its entirety, or you may purchase the materials chapter-by-chapter.

1.( January 8) Orientation:  Introduction to Washington DC

Our first class will introduce students to clinic rules and regulations and provide needed information about Washington DC.

2.  (January 17) Learning in Practice I:  Setting Goals

Assignment:  Chapters 1 & 2, Text.  Please be prepared to talk about your first week on the job and to have an idea about specific learning goals you have for the semester.

3. (January 24)   Learning in Practice II:  Journals

Assignment:  Text, Chapter 8.

4.  (January 31)  Learning in Practice III:  Supervision.

Assignment, Text Chapter 3.  You should be prepared to use the information gained from the reading concerning asking for supervision to quiz me on journal preparation.

5.  (February  7)  Networking and the World of Work in DC. 

Assignment:  Text, Chapter 26.

In this session, which will be led in part by attorneys in practice in DC, we will provide information on networking and talk about the kinds of work that attorneys are doing in DC.

6.  (February 14) Professional Responsibility I:  Ethical  Issues in Washington Practice:  An Overview of Confidentiality   

Assignment:  Chapters 10-11, Text

7.  (February 21)  Professional Responsibility II:  Conflict of Interest and Duty to Tribunals

Assignment:  Text, Chapters 12 & 13 

8. (February 28) Mid-Semester Review


9.  (March 14) :  Professional Responsibility III:  Professional Responsibility and Professionalism in Trump’s America

Assignment:  To be announced

  1. 10.   (March 21) Court Tour (Tentative)
  1. 11.   (March 28)  Professional Responsibility IV:  Who is the Client ?

Assignment:  To be announced


  1. (April  4)  Capitol Tour (Tentative)


  1. 13.  (April 11)Externships and Careers:  The Future of the Legal Profession

Assignment:  Text, Chapter 27 


  1. 14.  (April 18)Balancing Personal and Professional Life—Summary and Evaluation

Assignment, Text, Chapter 28